The Ana Log & Other Anomalies
by Michael Gray Baughan

Independent Legions

April 2023
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Still of Winter
Edited by Robin Knabel & H. Dair Brown
Unsettling Reads

December 2022

Story: "The Widow, The Window, and The Wind"


Tales of Sley House 2022
Edited by

October 2022

Story: "Black Mariah's Final Form"


The Audient Void, Vol. 6
A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy

Edited by Obadiah Baird

Story: "The Children of Euphonia"




Monsters of Any Kind
Edited by Alessandro Manzetti and Daniele Bonfanti
Independent Legions Press
ISBN-10: 8831959107 / ISBN-13:978-8831959100

Story: "Brodkin's Demesne"

Nominated for Best Anthology
Splatterpunk Awards, 2019


Hypnos Magazine
Vol 5, Issue 1

Story: "Old Dominion"

"Dripping with atmosphere."
-- Stephen Reid Case


Pseudopod (horror podcast)
Read by Jonathan Danz

Story: "The Ana Log"

"Staggeringly good."
--Alasdair Stuart, host of Pseudopod



Richmond Macabre
Edited by Beth Brown and Phil Ford
Iron Cauldron Books
ISBN-10: 0983891400 / ISBN-13: 978-0983891406

Story: "The Rememberist"

"[A] clear standout... Fraught with geographic and historical allusions, the
underbelly of our ghosted city manifests anew." --Darren Morris, Style Weekly

"Perhaps the best read in this entire collection. Baughan's formal yet engaging writing style does an excellent job of summoning a bygone era."--Necci, RVA Magazine

"Displays both real literary chops and a respect for the genre."
--Amazon Reviewer Damon Wittiger



Surreal South '13
Edited by Josh Wood
Press 53

ISBN-10: 1935708961 / ISBN-13: 978-1935708964

Story: "Old Dominion"

Welcome to the Surreal South, the dream of the nation within the nation, the world within the world, shadowed by all the unmitigated horrors and illuminated by all the dubious glories of its distant and ill-remembered past, a puzzle, a slightly gruesome enticement, a boundless ambiguity, an enduring paradox, and an endless source of myth. Hitting shelves this Halloween.



Remapping Richmond's Hallowed Ground
Edited by Martha Erwin and Kathy DuVall
Published June

ISBN-10: 0615799515 / ISBN-13: 978-0615799513

An anthology of brand new work marking the sesquicentennial of the Civil War and its impact and legacy within Richmond, Virginia, one-time capital of the Confederacy.

Story: "Bridge of Sighs"


Richmond Macabre, Volume II
Edited by Beth Brown and Phil Ford
Iron Cauldron Books
ISBN-10: 0983891494 / ISBN-13: 978-0983891499

Eleven new and bizarre tales of Richmond's hidden horrors!

Story: "The Ana Log"

"One of the best attempts I've seen to capture the
found-footage horror aesthetic on paper.
--Goodreads Member Greg Bates



No Rest for the Wicked
Edited by Stacey Graham
Rainstorm Press
ISBN-10: 1937758222 / ISBN-13:978-1937758226

Story: "Bone Black"

"Fun, scary and written to make you wonder if that
great estate sale find comes with company."
--Amazon Review


Chuck Scalin's "Body of Evidence"

Story: "Whipperjawed"

A limited edition Book Art box, which contains photos and short stories
referencing 14 assemblages, called Evidence Boxes, created by Chuck Scalin.
These original assemblages were exhibited as a Body of Evidence at Ghostprint
Gallery, Richmond, VA in 2012.